Aerials Silks

Bay Aerials Gymnastics is proud to announce that we are offering the Dragonfly Aerial Company's Artistic Aerial Classes, Conditioning Bootcamps! With programs made for both children and adults, this artistic approach to fitness, coordination, and strength building is sure to please all! If you see us flying through the air with these silks at our gym, please feel free to join us!


Aerial Silks | Beginner White

(Ages 7-14)

This program is specially designed for children ages 7-14. We utilize a "knot" in addition to two tailed silks to teach young flyers about leverage & counterbalance while spinning & wrapping. Your child will learn fundamental principles of how wraps work and proper body placement! Above all, safety & injury prevention are enforced!

Aerials Silks | Bootcamp

(Ages 15+)

Take your fitness program to new heights with our bootcamp! For adult men and women, our Aerial Bootcamps will give you the legs of a dancer and the core of a pilates instructor and the arms of an aerialist. Start with a dynamic group warm up and then move onto timed stations on mixed aerial apparatus. You will swing into shape in no time!