We Love Our Gymnastics “Happy Feet Movement Education” Preschool Gymnastics Program!

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Here are some reasons why you and your toddlers will love it too!

  • It is fun and it is a special activity you and your child can look forward to during the week.

  • The American academy of pediatrics says that by being in organized sport such as gymnastics program not only increases the amount of physical activity a child can have but enhances social development as well.

  • There are so many developmental advantages for your child, that occur while they are having fun, that it is important to take a moment to appreciate them. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them:

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Gross Motor Skills

Running, Hopping, Jumping, Skipping, Galloping, Leaping, Rolling, and Swinging.

Motor Fitness Components

Through gymnastics children gain muscular endurance, contralateral coordination, cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility, balance, special awareness, and agility. Balancing integrates movements and therefore stimulates the vestibular system, which supports visual and socio-kinesthetic interaction and modeling, and supports an overall increase in academic and social achievement. Through many years of experience and evidence from a growing number of studies, proper development of a child’s vestibular system is very important to their achievement in all areas of life.

Social Development

When a child’s energy is used effectively, it can greatly enhance their development, not only physically but also mentally and socially. Increased movement and physical activity is positively correlated with increased attention span and a higher level of learning.  As a result, children are able to successfully learn to work with a partner and in a group (teamwork), practice taking turns, and listening to their teacher, as well as, work on independent focus and concentrate on a skill,  and gain mastery through repetition. These skills are successfully learned as they release excess energy through planned movement, reducing tension and promoting a relaxed state of mind that is ready to learn.  In gymnastics goal setting becomes natural and kids develop skills to deal with stress, gain self confidence, and develop positive learning strategies.

Every day, in every class we feel good not only enjoying the company of your precious children but are proud to offer a program with such rich benefits for your child’s overall healthy growth and development. Gymnastics is a fantastic foundation for the building blocks of learning and achievement in other sports as well.

Our Happy Feet Program Has Four Levels

We have set curriculum for the levels. Ask your child’s coach for a copy. In every class they work on laterality, balance, jumping, swinging and and crossing the midline challenges.  

  1. Baby classes (6 months to walking)

  2. Parent Tots Classes - Students gain confidence while working closely with their parents/ guardian. They gain social knowledge during group work.

  3. Happy Feet 1

  4. Happy feet 2

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Happy Feet 1 will receive a certificate when ready to move to Happy Feet 2. The Happy Feet 2 gymnasts will receive a certificate when they have mastered their skill curriculum.  They must be 5 to move to the Girls Gym or Ninja boys program.

Our staff is always available for any questions you might have!

Written by Coach Margaret

Matthew Perez