A Recipe for finding the perfect Coach



Every gymnastics school and program in our world is very different. Does your program have a culture, a purpose and mandatory certifications?
What qualifies a teacher to be picked by you?

Here’s a little recipe I whipped up. I am always searching for the perfect recipe!
I personally always add extra love, some hugs and lots of pictures (everyone does it differently) ….. Would love to hear from you and your own yummy recipe!

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Mix in:
A child who is eager, respectful, and prepared for the class. Combine all ingredients with trust and communication. Expect some days to be more exciting than others. Learning takes time, having fun is instant. Don’t interfere in the process unless the recipe is not mixing well over time.

Serve with:
Great grades in school
Happy, confident kids with high self esteem
A team player capable to work with others
Strong mind and body
Love for hard work
Goal setter
Motivation to be better
Coachable human being

and most important:

Unconditional support from parents!

Guaranteed to be a Delightful and Satisfying Experience!

Please feel free to send me your recipes!


Motivating and enthusiastic coach
Proper training
Role model
A smile every class
Ability to look the parent in the eyes
Sandwich approach to teaching
Capable of thinking ahead
Approachable to conversation

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