Everyone should learn a cartwheel!

Here are the top reasons why everyone should learn a Cartwheel!

♥ Learning new things are AWESOME!

♥ Cartwheels for children promote reading readiness and better communication skills. Studies have shown that children who participate in organized programs such as gymnastics classes have longer attention spans and better problem-solving skills than those who did not.

♥ Gymnastics tends to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and improve social skills.

♥ The cartwheels dramatic movement of our body is also thought to be responsible for improving: flow of the lymphatic system (disease prevention), cardiovascular circulation, and digestion.

♥ Improved muscle strength: arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders (deltoid), core (abdominals), legs (quadriceps and hamstrings), and overall flexibility.

♥ Improved balance.

♥ Improved proprioception (spatial awareness).

♥ Improved coordination.

♥ Reduces stress.

Cartwheels for adults just happen to be good exercise. They work your core muscles in ways that are hard to simulate. Blood rushes to your head, they make you feel free, young, and always result in a BIG SMILE!