Preschool 6mo-5yrs

Known in-house as our “Happy Feet Movement Education” program, preschool 6mo-5yrs gymnastics classes are held in our dedicated preschool space. Our 20,000 square foot facility allows us to maximize learning and fun for your young athletes.
All classes are taught by our Safety Certified Instructors and with our Bay Aerials Teaching Difference, focusing on positive reinforcement.


Baby Class

(6 Months to Walking)

This parent-participation required class is designed for babies 6 months to walking. This class is an introduction to movement education, and a lot of fun. We provide a stress free environment for parent-child interaction while introducing movement exploration. Instructors guide exploration through tunnels, slides, mini-mountains, tilting and rocking mats, foam pits, and soft balance beams. 

Parent Tot

(Walking to Age 3)

Come play, explore and learn all about the fun of an obstacle course while climbing, jumping, crawling, and swinging through our state of the art, extra clean gym. This class also explores Tumble Track and Trampoline. Parents and caregivers guide their child through each activity while a Bay Aerials Certified Coach provides structure to this 45 minute class.


Happy Feet 1

(Ages 3-5)

New to our Program. No parents needed here, this 45-minute class allows your child to start to explore gymnastics on their own. There are mountains to climb, rivers to swim, canyons to jump, vines to swing, and tramps to jump on. Challenging skills give young athletes stronger bodies and sharper minds, as well as strong sense of their body’s capabilities.

Happy Feet 1 teaches kids that challenge is fun.

Happy Feet 2

(Ages 3-5)

Prerequisite-participation in Happy Feet 1 and instructor approval. This 45-minute class is designed as an introduction to the development of gymnastics skills. Our young athletes work on balance beam, floor circuits trampoline, and special size uneven bars and rings. Children learn basic gymnastics positions such as tuck, pike, squat, straddle, and lunge. Beginning skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels are also introduced. Such skills improve gross motor skills, and hand eye coordination promoting reading readiness.



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