Joelle Chuang

As a former gymnast at Bay Aerials, Joelle Chuang is excited to refuel her passion for gymnastics as a recreational coach. Currently a senior in high school, she hopes to find a passion that involves interacting with people and learning something new each day. She loves how kids are always keeping her on her toes with their boundless energy and creative imaginations. She believes that gymnastics is a great way to make new friends, develop as a person, and have fun while also staying fit! Outside of work, Joelle is a news editor on her school newspaper and a member of the school badminton team. She enjoys going on walks with her family and playing with her younger brother.

What is one silly thing about you that most people at Bay Aerials don’t know?

One silly thing about Joelle that most people don't know is that she is allergic to dogs' saliva.

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