Fortunata Sparnauskaite

USA Gymnastics Safety Certified

Hello everyone! My name is Fortunata and I started doing gymnastics in Lithuania when I was 6 years old. I moved to the U.S. about 13 years ago and continued doing gymnastics in Concord, California. I started coaching at a young age to help pay for my gymnastics tuition and continue doing that to this day. Gymnastics taught me how to be independent, confident, thoughtful, and hard working; while doing something I really love. I have just as much passion for teaching gymnastics as I do for doing it. My favorite gymnastics skill is handstands. Not only it is so much fun to be upside down, but it also symbolizes seeing the world from a different point of view.

Currently, I am a student at CSU East Bay pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications and Media Studies. I will be continuing my career in education once I finish school. Besides coaching and doing school work, I keep myself busy with other activities. I am absolutely in love with yoga and I believe that it is an essential part of my life. I also belong to an amazing rock climbing community, where I teach a handstand class for all ages.  I have a lot of passion for climbing indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, I enjoy playing musical instruments such as piano and guitar.

List any certifications you have relevant to your work at Bay Aerials (example: USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, USA Gymnastics Instruction Member, etc.)

What do you love about kids?
I love kids because they have so much creativity, positivity, and willingness to learn. 

Why do you work at Bay Aerials?
I work at Bay Aerials because of so many amazing people, who work together to make this gym a positive space to learn and develop. I am also very grateful for Lisa, who is full of positivity, kindness and faith in her vision.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
My favorite things to do outside of work is to rock climb, do yoga, ride a bicycle, play piano, read, dance and spend time with family and friends

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
My superpower is never giving up and constantly encouraging myself with positivity.

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