Lisa Aguirre


  • Certified USA Gymnastics National Coach

  • USA Gymnastics Professional Member

  • USA Gymnastics Meet Director

  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certified

  • USA Gymnastics Fundamentals of Gymnastics Training

  • Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® Certification

Lisa Aguirre has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for over 40 years. She was Competitive Gymnast for the Flatbush YMCA in Brooklyn New York and then became a Leader for the YMCA. Lisa studied physical education and physical therapy but realized her gift of teaching very early on.

Lisa coached and taught at Nova Gymnastics in Brooklyn for 5 years, San Mateo Gymnastics for 5 years, International Gymnastics for 2 years, Airborne Gymnastics for 10 years and Bay Aerials Gymnastics for over 10 years. She attributes her success to her leadership training from the YMCA at a young age, her coaching experiences at various clubs, and to her husband John.

Learning many lessons from her gymnasts over the years has turned her into a stronger person inside and out. The lessons of being more patient, more compassionate, goal driven, having good time management skills, laughing more and stopping to breathe were all lessons she learned from her athletes. The gifts of leadership and being a great role model came from her gained experiences at each one of the unique Gymnastics schools she has worked at. Her husband John led the way on the business end, making a perfect combination of building the Bay Aerials Culture and Structure, and then combining it with the heart of all of our Bay Aerials teachers, coaches and families.

Lisa has a proven track record of using gymnastics to help children build strong bodies, strong minds, confidence and high self esteem.