Welcome To Bay Aerials Gymnastics!

We would like to personally thank you for joining our Bay Aerials Family. We are committed to making your experience at Bay Aerials a great one.

Here at Bay Aerials we strive to have a fun, friendly, safe and positive environment for your family. Our enrollment process is quick so we would like to review a few things to make sure that you have all the important information to make your experience with us an efficient and enjoyable one.

For your first class please arrive 10 minutes early. Check in at the front desk to get your picture taken. At the end of class you will receive your certificate with your picture on it!

You can put shoes and extra clothes in a cubby. You can also check the front lobby computer to see your gymnasts class time and teacher for the day.

Registration, Billing and Payment Info

Once you have signed into our portal you can have the ability to make changes to your account. You can update your billing information, view charges made to your account, check your attendance, as well as view available class times and openings. However, If you need to change your child’s class, please contact the front office and we can help you. Please let us know if we can help you with using our portal. We will also email your billing statement each month.

At Bay Aerials we are a year round school with ongoing enrollment. Tuition is processed on the 1st of the month through our auto pay program. If you plan to no longer attend, please let us know so that we can open the spot for another gymnast. You can email the front desk at info@bayaerials.com to confirm if you want to drop or be put on hold. Please do so before the 1st of the month.

We have a generous, “no questions asked” make-up program with special make-up classes. Your child must be currently enrolled to schedule a make-up. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance through our front desk. (510) 651-5870

Please view our Bay Aerials webpage at www.bayaerials.com for our yearly calendar to become familiar with our special events and gym closures. We use e-mail to notify you of our special events.

As a new student at Bay Aerials we will enroll your child in an age appropriate class. Your child’s instructor will let you know, or let the front desk know if the class is or is not appropriate for your child.

We feel it is very important for you and your gymnast to know the name of your coach. For your convenience there is a list posted on the computer screen in our lobby daily of all the class coaches. On occasion there will be a substitute coach, and it is very helpful for your gymnast and the coaches if they know who their regular teacher is.

Bay Aerials Gymnastics Rules

We would like to review our basic rules in the gym. These are important for you and your child to learn and will help ensure a safe and happy 1st class! Arriving on time is important so your child can begin their class with their classmates. It can be difficult for some children to join in after the class has begun, and can be a distraction for the class already in session. If for any reason your child is late, please let the front office staff know so that we can have a staff member lead them to their class.

While your child is in class please do not distract them or talk to them. We want the children to learn to follow gymnastics instruction from their coaches. We know your child will listen to you, but it will become confusing for them. If you need to talk with them, or your child’s coach, please let the floor manager or front desk know and they will help you.

Please do not go out on the gym floor. We do understand that circumstances do arise when you might need to talk to your child or get their attention during class. When this happens, we ask if you could please ask the floor manager or see the front desk and they will help you. This is for everyone's safety, thank you.

For everyone's convenience we have an upstairs viewing and waiting area. We have free wifi and you do not need a passcode. You can view the entire gym from upstairs. We ask that you do not leave little ones upstairs unattended. Please do not lean over railings and talk to the gymnasts while in class. Please watch your children.

Dress Code

Our dress code is in place for safety reasons.

Happy Feet Program-

Girls -Requires a leotard, hair pulled back out of the face and bare feet.

Boys -Requires a t-shirt with fitted sweatpants or shorts and bare feet.

This is to enable the children to have a safe, effective and more comfortable workout during class.

Olympic Program- Requires a leotard, hair pulled back out of the face and bare feet. Boys -Requires a t-shirt with fitted sweatpants or shorts and bare feet.

Ninja Zone Program- Requires a uniform. A Ninja Zone t-shirt, Ninja Zone headband with appropriate level on it. We ask for black comfortable shorts to be worn with it and bare feet. Uniform cost $28.00 + tax.

Please no zippers, buttons, or jewelry for anyone.

If your child happens to forget to bring a leotard please have them check with the front desk to see if they can borrow one. We ask that you please take it home and wash it, then return it to us.

Goals, Expectations and Progression: We will help all new students in our program to learn and experience:

  • The teacher’s name
  • Punctuality and responsibility
  • How to follow directions and instructions
  • Safety rules for the equipment and space being used
  • The names of the skills they are learning
  • How to rotate through the obstacle courses or set ups
  • Learn basic progressions and fundamental skills

Every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer our Happy Feet program hosts a Ribbon Week where every child in our program will be rewarded for their efforts and achievements with a ribbon. This is a great time to check on your child’s progress. Please note that in our Happy Feet Program children move up according to their age. The happy feet gymnasts change levels by age.

Your Child’s Advancement

To keep track of your child’s progress we utilize Myskillchart.com This software allows your child’s instructor to track your child’s progress through your personal online portal. Therefore whenever your child’s progress is updated you will be notified, and you can login to your personal portal to review your child’s progress. You can always opt out of the notifications featured through your portal.

To access the My Skill Chart information you can go to our website www.bayaerials.com go to classes pulldown then click on my skills. Your password is your email (the one that you entered when you registered your child). As soon as your gymnast has mastered a skill, the coach will mark the skill in the My skill chart program. When all the skills are completed the child will move up to the next level above.

In our gymnastics school, one of our main goals is that the children have FUN while they are learning! We will do everything we can to provide an environment that challenges your child to become coordinated, physically fit, and confident. Every child develops and learns at a different pace. We are confident that if they love gymnastics and are having fun, they are learning too!

  • Be sure to use your member discount for your next Birthday Party ($25).
  • Saturday Night Party is a great deal, a perfect opportunity to drop the kids off for a few hours, and get in a little alone time without the kids.
  • Our Holiday and Day Camps will keep them busy when school is out!
  • Each year we host family fun events such as our Flip into Summer Show, and other performance shows. Be sure to check your email and our calendars for upcoming performances.
  • Halloween Carnivals
  • Bring a friend weeks
  • We also have a $20.00 credit gift to you for referring a friend!

Thank you again for choosing Bay Aerials. You have made a great decision by enrolling your children in the greatest sport there is! Please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience at Bay Aerials better.

Always bring your smile and bare feet!

Let what you love be what you do

Bay Aerials Staff


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